Activision opens refund program for Guitar Hero Live

guitar hero
Guitar Hero Live’s online features, which contained most of the game’s content, are being removed, and Activision is offering refunds to late purchasers. Image from Activision

Having shuttered one of its major features, Activision is allowing customers who purchased Guitar Hero Live on or after December 1, 2017, a voluntary refund program.

Guitar Hero Live, a last stand for the dead genre of plastic instrument rhythm games, offered an online mode called Guitar Hero TV, which streamed music from channels that players could test out. However, the service’s closure was announced in December 2018, meaning the plethora of songs offered with online play would be limited to less than 50 tracks available in offline play. Seeing as the majority of the game’s content is being removed, Activision has offered a refund to buyers in the US who purchased the game up to a year before Guitar Hero TV’s closure was announced.

Buyers can send Activision a claim on their support page. A receipt is the easiest way to guarantee a refund, though credit card statements or Activision manually verifying users’ eligibility are also possible options.


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