Skybound Games finishes Telltale’s work on The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Clementine’s story will reach its conclusion on March 26 as The Walking Dead: The Final Season completes development. Image from Skybound Games

Following the closure of adventure game developer Telltale Games, the game adaptation of The Walking Dead will finish its final season on March 26.

As reported in the Electric Retrospective October column, Telltale suddenly announced it would close its doors, leaving employees without severance pay and only giving them half an hour to pack up and exit the company building. Fans were outraged not only by the cancellation of the developer’s projects, but the treatment of employees as well. Telltale was even hit with a class-action complaint claiming that the instant layoffs violate California labor laws, which require notice of mass layoffs 60 days in advance.

While little news has come of Telltale’s legal battle, Skybound Games announced shortly after the layoffs that it would offer contract-basis work for displaced Telltale employees and finish the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. The project has finally neared completion, and the entire season will also be given a physical release.


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