Update: Local man ruins everything, places update post on wrong site

-Due to some technical difficulties that were thankfully fixed quickly, this post accidentally went up on the main ECHO site earlier this morning rather than the blog. This was likely due to account changes and site permissions, as this is currently a transitional period for the newspaper in which contributing writers are setting up separate accounts. With that bizarre happening out of the way, here’s a look at the future of the blog and column.-

Electric Retrospective will be on hiatus over the summer, but for those anxiously awaiting its return, here’s a brief preview of what’s in store for the column.

The posting schedule for the blog and column will remain the same. Once the hiatus ends, blog posts will release every Tuesday, with smaller news stories for two weeks and a larger story or review every third week. The column will release once a month on the main ECHO site, usually between the last two weeks of the month, and will be available regardless in the print version at the end of the month.

Articles and posts will heavily depend on what’s releasing and in the news at the time, but a few games are likely topics for upcoming stories. There’s always the possibility of a delayed release, but provided there isn’t a major change in release date, expect reviews of Mega Man 11, Splatoon 2, and the currently unnamed Super Smash Bros. for Switch and Pokemon for Switch. Since it was recently delayed to the second half of 2018, Shovel Knight: King of Cards -along with the Battle Mode update- will be reviewed to complete the Shovel Knight Retrospective series.

In addition, given many games reviewed on the blog and column have received or will receive updates, a series of articles will go into detail about the extra content. Each article will essentially be a compilation of shorter reviews continuing from other articles. While there may be more content updates to be announced for some reviews, and some could possibly be revealed at E3 2018 for all anyone knows, the current lineup will include Sonic Mania Plus, Luigi’s Balloon World and new outfits for Super Mario Odyssey, new updates to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, the Costume Pack DLC for Shantae: Half Genie Hero, and upcoming waves of Dream Friends for Kirby Star Allies.

As for fixes and improvements to the blog, there will be more editorial articles, like the cancellation of Lego Dimensions and speculation for Smash, seeing as most of this year’s major articles were reviews. There’s also a minor bug in some articles where the text switches between plain and bold at random paragraphs, noticeable in articles like the Shovel Knight Retrospective and Speculating for Smash for Switch series. While this isn’t a life-or-death issue, it’ll hopefully be fixed for future articles.

Finally, while there’s no guarantee, there may be a few posts going up over the summer if schedules permit. These won’t be tied to a schedule and will mostly cover larger stories, possibly reviews as well. Again, although it’s still uncertain if summer posts will happen, there’s a decent chance they’ll include coverage of E3 conferences in June.

Blog posts will return at an undetermined date between late August and early September. The column will return for the September issue of the ECHO newspaper, to be released late September.


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